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You can upload an image containing the content inside it and use the AI and machine learning-based Image to Text or Image Text Extractor tool to extract text from the image. It is crucial to have a technology that can extract the text from these photographs since we record and store an ever-increasing number of images. An image to text tool is a software tool that transforms photos into editable text using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. With OCR technology, text from an image is recognised, understood, and converted into a digital format for editing and manipulation. We will now talk about image text extractors, their applications, advantages, and how it operates.  It is also referred to as an image to text translator or converter. The primary function of this tool is to change the non-editable text within an image into a format that can be edited. OCR technology is used by image text extractors to carry out this conversion process.

OCR Technology

OCR technology is a form of artificial intelligence that extracts text from images and recognises it. By examining each character's form and arrangement, OCR technology can extract text from an image. The text is then converted into a digital version that may be edited and modified using OCR technology.

Uses of Image to text or Image Text Extractor

There are multiple uses of Image Text Extractor. Some of the most common uses are listed as below:

  • Converting Scanned Documents into Editable Text

With image text extractor, scanned documents can be turned into editable text. When a physical document is scanned using a scanner, images known as scanned documents are produced. The scanned document is an uneditable image file. The text from the scanned document can be extracted and converted into an editable format using an image text extractor.

  • Digitizing Text from Books

Text from books can be digitised using image text extractors. The process of transferring printed text into a digital version is known as digitising text from books. To extract the text from a book image and change it into an editable format, utilise an image text extractor.

  • Extracting Text from Images for Translation

Text from photos can be extracted using image text extractors for translation needs. A translation software tool can translate the captured text into many languages. Businesses who operate in multiple nations and need to translate marketing materials may find this helpful.

  • Extracting Text from Images for Data Entry

Text from photographs can be extracted using image text extractors for data entry purposes. A database or spreadsheet can be used to store the extracted text. Businesses that receive immense number of paper work which are required into digital formats, can benefit from this.

Benefits of Image to text

There are multiple benefits of image to text editor. Some of the most common benefits of image text extractors are:

  1. Saves Time and Effort

By automating the process of extracting text from images, image text extractors can reduce the amount of time and work required. Text extraction from images manually might take a lot of time and effort. This procedure can be completed in a matter of seconds using an image text extractor.

  1. Reduces Errors

Image text extractors can minimise mistakes that could happen when text is manually examined from photographs. OCR technology is quite accurate and capable of accurately identifying and interpreting text. This lowers the possibility of mistakes occurring when text is manually extracted from photos.

  1. Increases Productivity

By helping firms to swiftly and effectively process a huge number of photos, image text extractors can enhance productivity. Businesses may benefit from this by saving time and money.

How Image to Text or Image text Extractor Work

Image to text converter online work by using OCR technology to recognise and interpret text out of an image. There are various phases involved in turning an image into editable text, including:

  1. Image Preprocessing

Image preprocessing is the initial step in this procedure. Preparing an image for OCR processing is known as image preprocessing. After scanning, any skew or distortion in the image is fixed. To make sure the OCR tool can recognise and understand the text correctly, this is done.

  1. Text Detection

Text detection is the procedure' second step. Finding text within an image is known as text detection. This is accomplished by looking at the image pixels and locating any text-filled areas. The OCR technology extracts the text from the image after the text regions have been recognised.

  1. Character Recognition

Character recognition is the third step. Identification and interpretation of the various characters in the text is known as character recognition. This is accomplished by analyzing each character's form, size, and structure. To find the proper text, the OCR algorithm compares the identified characters with the characters in its database.

  1. Text Correction

Text correction is the fourth step. Text correction involves fixing any mistakes that might have happened during the OCR procedure. This is carried out to guarantee that the final text is accurate and editable.

  1. Text Output

Text output is the last phase. Text output performs the same function, the text that has been recognised and corrected into a format that can be edited. Several output formats are available for the text, including plain text.

Image to Text Converter Online

There are online image to text converters that may be accessed using a web browser. These internet resources provide a quick and practical method for extracting text from photographs. The OCR technology used by online image to text converters is the same as that used by desktop image to text converters, but they work only while connected to the internet.

Image to Text OCR

The foundation of image to text conversion is OCR technology. OCR, or optical character recognition, is a technology that extracts text from images and recognises and understands it. In image to text converters, OCR technology is used to change non-editable text in an image into a format that can be edited.


For companies and people that need to extract text from images, this tool—also known as an image to text generator or image to text online is crucial. This tool makes use of OCR technology to read and comprehend text included in images before converting it into an editable format. The advantages of using image to text converter are numerous, and they include time and effort savings, a decrease in errors, and increased productivity. Ultimately, everyone who wants to extract text from images can benefit from using our image to text converter.

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